Monday, November 30, 2009

Light belongs in the Darkness

A candle in a well lit room or in bright sunlight does very little. But a candle in the dead of night or a dark room is a useful and powerful thing. It helps, guides, drives away fear, eluminates, exposes, warms, and makes safe.

Candles belong in the dark rooms of this world not just in our cosy churches, cathedrals and citadels.

"Darkness is only the absence of light" Albert Einstein.

God's soldiers must seek out darkness and go and shine the light of Jesus.

God help me to do this.

See how Salvation Army soldiers in Australia are in the fight here

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Go ... do something

"Go .... do something"
. The words of William Booth to Bramwell when confronted with the reality of men sleeping rough under the bridges of London. As a Salvationist concerned with building God's Kingdom here on earth I believe our Army is still being called to "Go and do something".

Our Salvation Army UK Leader last night at the annual conference told us that "we lack nothing in the fight against sin and injustice" and that "we have the most powerful weapon in this war against sin the world has ever seen - that is God's Love". Our only obstacle is our own complacency and comfortable living.

Oh that the world would taste and see the riches of His grace.
The arms of love that compass me would all mankind embrace.


The sleepout went well on Saturday night. Photos here It rained and everything and everyone got damp. But it's not the cold, discomfort or sleeping on the ground or the wet that is so difficult.... but the reality that I go home to a family who love me and so many in our own city do not have this blessing. It breaks God's heart that so many in our world do not have homes and are not loved. Lord show us how to make a difference. Amen.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me.... it's not too late....

God bless.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oxford Sleep-Out for the Homeless Nov 14

Oxford Sleep-Out

On 14 November I'll be sleeping outside in the cold and (probably) wet in support of those in Oxford who find themselves without a home. Please do not feel sorry for me! Imagine doing this for the whole winter!

It's not just to raise money for homeless charities working in Oxford but to raise awareness and to spend an evening with some really interesting and lovely people. Many of those who participate in this event are homeless themselves.

This photo from the 2008 sleepout is me (with silly white hat) my good friend Alan and my 12 year old son Josh (still asleep under some very warm cardboard boxes). See more photos here

Please sponsor me if you are able.

Thank you.