Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oxford Street Pastors

The first wave of Oxford Street Pastors were commissioned on Friday. About 20 of us and 4 of them from Oxford Salvation Army. We hope to bring the presence of Jesus onto the streets of Oxford between 10pm and 4am every Friday night. I hope we can care for people, look out for their safety and wellbeing, listen and maybe share something of God's love, mercy and hope.

This week I had the privilege of going into a tough part of San Francisco with Salvation Army soldiers from Harbor Light Corps to handout sandwiches (over 1000 of them) and to listen and care for some very lost people. What an experience and one that is reshaping how I fight in the Salvation Army back home. We listened, referred guys to detox and prayed with them right there on the street. God bless those holy warriors at Harbor Light .... to Jerry, Larry, Roger, Trey.... God bless you and the team.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Invited to live Jesus life

I'm all about learning and growing in my walk with Jesus. So here's a question I've pondered this week.

Do Christians accept Jesus into their lives or do they accept Jesus invitation to His life? Is this just a play on words?

Are there any stories of Jesus in the New Testament where he invites people to take Him into their lives? Or, are all his dealings with people about asking them to "follow Him", "take up His cross", "walk His way of suffering", "give themselves over for the sake of others".

So..... do we invite Jesus into OUR life or do we accept His invitation to live HIS life?

Wow... what a difference the church would make if we lived HIS life?