Thursday, August 06, 2009

My books have gone!

Over the years I've collected hundreds of Christian books - commentaries, encyclopaedias, books on theology, church history, stories of great saints, Christian psychology, testimonies and even some Christian fiction.

Now the question I'm asking is "am I walking the way of Jesus because of any of them?"

How can I have so many books about Christianity and be so far from living a God loving, radical, injustice fighting, mercy loving, grace showing life ?

So... they're gone. Well, at least all boxed and tucked away in the attic. I kept one of course - the one book I probably should keep!

Oh yes and I kept the one I'm currently reading .... "Letters from Prison" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I just read in there that Jesus did not preach or try and "convert" either of the thieves crucified either side of him. He simply responded to the cry from one.

Wow... what does this mean?.... I must go and look it up in my Tyndale commentary.....

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Jim Marion said...

Graham, with references like The Blue Letter Bible and the Bible Gateway, it is hard to justify purchasing commentaries and references. Besides, the online versions are so much easier to use than thumbing through pages.