Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January Cell Group - Heritage

The South Oxford Salvation Army Cell Group in January were discussing HERITAGE ... what it is and what it means to us today. So for those that missed this cell group meeting here's a brief summary.

HERITAGE = Something handed down, entrusted and inheritied. Heritage is not "history".

We watched a video which we used to give thanks to God for the great heritage given us by our Salvationists of the past and present.

We discussed the meaning of the 2 S's on our uniforms - Saved to Save - and how this drove our movement with great passion. This is our heritage.

We used old photos to inspire us to our mission.

We prayed that God would awaken us to this mission and that we would be obedient.

We raised the question of how relevant our movement was in this generation. We watched this video from the Salvation Army's ALOVE youth movement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERvA1XU6YsI

And then discussed why there had been this reported decline of 85% of young people from the Salvation Army in the UK Territory in only a few years. We prayed for renewal by God's Holy Spirit for us as individuals and for the Army here in Oxford.

We prayed over the Mission and Vision statements of The Salvation Army UK Territory and were challenged over what a "Spirit filled, radical growing movement" would look like today.

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