Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Been asked by many people what my new year resolutions are and until I read Major Stephen Court's blog I didn't really have any. These are great "hooks to hang your coat on" and my own coat is going to be hung on all of these as I "resolve" to make a difference just where I am.

"Lord bring your church alive to worhsip you, live and love in community and to save the world. Amen."

From the ArmyBarmy Blog....

More on yesterday's Armybarmy Top Five For Advance in the next Decade

1. cell-based system
sc - it is certainly A future for The Army, for the following reasons:
a. historically the Army Ward System worked well;
b. historically our spiritual grandfather John Wesley's class meetings worked very well;
c. the 33 AD Salvos met house to house;
d. the biggest churched in the world are cell-based;
e. there is no ceiling on growth either with leaders or with geographic proximity;
f. it is flexible, which is important with some of the last 82 countries left for us to invade;
g. every 5-10 people get primary pastoral care from a cell leader (according to a model with which I am familiar);
h. it lends itself to bi-vocational leadership and pioneering...

2. communication
sc - it is increasingly important, in the following ways:
a. the devil attacks this most often and most successfully (arguably);
b. borders softened by the shrinking of the world will require improved communication;
c. aggressive advance in the great salvation war requires increased communication to coordinate attack;
d. AUS's TC - the techie TC - is leading the way for the world (way over 30000 Twitter followers, blog, facebook, etc.);
e. new media to communicate with the local fronts.
f. communication will increase in richness and frequency (general and commissioners will/should be able to receive weekly results soon, and more frequent results within a decade).

3. spiritual warfare and justice
sc - 'this' will become more prevalent, as follows:
a. justice should be seen as an aspect of spiritual warfare;
b. we need to fill the teaching vaccuum on spiritual warfare that has resulted in extremists who either see no demons in scripture or see them under every bush;
c. part of the identity crisis resolves our reticence about engaging in spiritual warfare ("The Salvation Army");
d. Catherine Booth dug it;

4. primitive salvationism
sc - as we advance on the more difficult fronts we will be reminded that PS is the only proven strain of salvationism. It means charismatic-flavoured, mission-focussed heroism.

5. stewardship
sc - this will be increasing important, both individually, and corporately. Check out Rowan Castle in HOLINESS INCORPORATED for some solid teaching on it (and parameters). John Wesley taught, 'make all you can, save all you can, give all you have.

God help us.

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