Sunday, January 10, 2010

Street Prayer

A few Christians once invited everyone that lived in their street to a Saturday morning prayer breakfast. Each house in their street received a personal invitation (not just a leaflet pushed through the door) and 20 people came! Read their story here

Two years on and the first Oxford wide Prayer Breakfast is being held on 30 January with over twenty prayer breakfasts planned. Just met with most of the prayer coordinators on Saturday for worship and prayer and can see the hand of God at work across our city in a most wonderful way. And "Much more hath God in store, much more!"

Well, the Kennington breakfast will be at our house on Saturday 30th and my hope is that I will bring together other Christians in my street to worship and pray and serve the community, bring back to the Lord those in my street that once believed and bring the light of Jesus into the lives of my neighbours.

God make us humble in your presence and give us a servant heart. Amen.
Come beautiful Christ
Radiate thy beauty in me
Tis thee I adore
What can I ask more
Than to live for thee
Beautiful Christ

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