Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ROOTS Conference 2010

Went to ROOTS 2010 in May and just wanted to say what an awesome weekend of practical, bible based, life changing teaching. Lt Col. Ian Barr is the man to hear on Holy living.

The whole weekend was focussing Holiness - what it is and how you live it out socially, personally and politically. The Salvation Army is a holiness movement. It is this and the fact we are covenant people is what we are all about (hmm... and you thought it was our uniforms, music and social work). Well these are important but they are not the main thing.

What did I learn?

1) Holiness. You get it from God and only God. The more time I spend with Him the more I become like Him - the more I become like Him in His holiness. "Be ye Holy as I am Holy". We can never be divine and we can never perfect as God is but we are like a drop of water is to the ocean. A drop of water has all the characerstics of the ocean but it will never be an ocean.

2) Corporate holiness. Yes I am called to be holy BUT I am also called to be part of a "holy people". 1 peter. never really thought about this before.

3) Our good works come about because holiness needs to be lived out. Our good works DO NOT MAKE US HOLY. Thank God for that! :-)

4) The Salvation Army is alive to God! I read a great definition of a Salvationist recently. "A Salvationist is God's covenanted warrior excercsiing holy passion to win the world for Jesus". So, everything I do must be toward this end.

5) My children who I went with (Abii (16) and Michael (8)) absolutely loved it and want to go again next year.

6) My tent is hard to put up in the wind!

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