Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fear and the Gospel of Jesus

So what makes it so difficult for us to tell other people about the gospel of Jesus?


But there are different types of fear. Fear of being embarrassed, fear of getting a negative reaction, fear of sounding like a complete fruit-cake, fear that my good and upright friend will not want to hear that he is a sinner or fear that they may tell my other friends and then the whole world will know that I'm a Christian.

These are all legitimate and common fears but I'd like to suggest that there is one of fear above all that keeps us from witnessing to the saving power of Jesus and that is we fear that the Gospel of Jesus is not powerful enough to transform lives and save sinners.

If we believed that "there is a Redeemer, Jesus God's own son" and that He is "mighty to save" and will "set the captives free and bring sight to the blind" then all other fears would vanish and we would weave into every conversation something of the love of God, something of His purpose for mankind. We would have boldness in approaching friends and strangers in order to bring them the Good News!

A few questions....

1) Has Jesus redeemed you?
2) Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?
3) Are you saved by His blood?
4) Have you been set free from sin and do your eyes now see the glory of God?
5) Do you feel the warmth, strengthening, guiding and peace of the Holy Spirit of God in you?

If you answered YES to these then what other proof do you need that God's power is enough for your unbelieving friends and family. If God can save me then he can save anyone. See 1 Tim 1:15.

So give it a try today. Tell someone that God loves them, offer to pray for someone (not just at home but right there and then... right now).

Do not be so arrogant to believe that God is only interested in you.

"For the World, For the World, Jesus Died, Jesus Died"

God help me believe once again in your power to save.
God help me tell the world about you.
God help me to be humble.
God, reveal the beauty of Jesus through me.


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